About Us

The first and only scientifically proven, practitioner-based professional training institute and developmental center of its kind that instructs, develops and certifies individuals & organizations locally, nationally and internationally!

The distinguished, award winning and world-renowned Professional Community lntervention Training Institute (P.C.I.T.l.) was created in late 2006 exclusively as an across the board professional “practitioner driven" community based gang-outreach intervention, first-responder violence deterrence and crisis abatement training institute. Hard-core gang intercession, elite personal refinement training-instruction and community public safety are its core components.


PCITI concentrates on providing proactive scenario-based “hands-on” situational specific training, critical incidence response including supervision, scene management, regional crisis prevention planning & holistic beforehand response preparation for individuals, neighborhoods, business districts and government municipalities.

One of the key characteristics that sets the PCITI apart form other venues of its type is that at its core it's the "first of its kind practitioner based training institute” in the nation that provides both “functional” classroom instruction and “real-world" interactive situational scene-scenario preparation.


Our organization has created on the largest multi-disciplinary collaborations composed of subject matter experts, academic practitioners, administration delegates, community powerbrokers and public safety authorities.

P.C.I.T.l. demonstrated proficiencies has been employed by:

  • Front line professional peacekeepers,
  • Violence prevention/intervention subject matter experts,
  • Public service specialists,
  • Medical center decision makers,
  • Emergency Responders
  • Mental Health Professionals
  • Law enforcement officers
  • Educational specialists and
  • Other professionals associated with this field of work both national and globally.

Over the years it has operated, PCITI has trained over 15,000 gang intervention specialists, university students, mental health professionals, social service experts, emergency first responders (including law enforcement officers, firefighters) and public safety professionals.

PCITI was founded to train and certify gang intervention specialists and violence prevention experts, the only privately funded “practitioner driven” training program in the nation which professionally certified its participants in vetted operational protocols, all-inclusive skill set implementation and far-reaching ethical standards.


PCITI headquarters is located at 1409 W. Vernon Ave. in the historic “STENTORIAN” building.  This location is ground zero for Los Angeles and where our model was drafted, tested and implemented. We have since expanded our model to numerous cities throughout California, nationally and globally. Several of those utilizing our expertise countrywide are Seattle Washington, Montgomery County, The District of Columbia Washington D.C., Prince George County, Silver Springs Maryland, Tacoma Washington, Chicago Ill., and Little Rock Ark. Internationally we shared our expertise to countries like Hong Kong, Egypt, Shanghai, Beijing, Argentina, Peru, El Salvador, Honduras, Sweden, Ghana, and Canada.


We provide professional multi-level beginning, intermediate and advanced “certification” in interactive strategic skill set development, operational protocol, and standard operating procedures-guidelines. Supplementary, our organization’s extremely effective deliverables have afforded the experts from PCITI to draft and implement the first national multi-level certification process. The National Intervention Certification Board (NCIB) is the body of professional and subject matter experts from across the nation that set the benchmarks for the PCITI certification standards. Moreover our training specialists crafted some of the most utilized professional developmental standards and ethical principles of conduct protocols for this discipline of work that are currently in use by a multitude of cities across the nation.

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