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Thank you for your interest in having Dr. Aquil Basheer Founder and Executive Director of PCITI, speak at your event. Dr. Basheer has an extensive local, national, and international speaking schedule. His calendar is typically full up to a year in advance. We receive hundreds of speaking requests for Dr. Basheer each year, many more than he can accept. Every consideration will be given to your request. To begin the process, please complete and submit this online speaking request form.

Training, Consulting and Troubleshooting

If you would like more information on PCITI's training, consulting or troubleshooting services, please contact our Executive Assistant, Alicia Thompson, at our office number and you will be provided a price quote for your specific request.

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Dr. Basheer has been described as “One of the Nation’s most premier Violence Intermediation Professionals, Elite Public Safety Experts and Hard Core Gang Intervention Specialists” In Society Today. He is recognized as being at the top of a league of pinnacle specialists in area of discipline and acknowledged as one of the most accomplished authorities in this field of expertise.

He instructs & consults worldwide, has founded Maximum Force Enterprises and the Professional Community Intervention Training Institute, (PCITI); (the nations first “practitioner based’ professionally certifying 18-week Community Violence Intercession-Gang Intervention Institute) which has trained a multitude of cities throughout the entire United States. Dr. Basheer is also an Adjunct Professor for Alliant University International.

His training sessions have garnered international attention and support, having traveled the world over to train specialty teams in Brazil, SWAT teams from Argentina, elite executive protection specialists from Africa, private crisis elimination teams from London, public safety experts from Beijing, Hong Kong & Shanghai, Gang Intersession specialists in El Salvador and emergency responders/peace keeping intervention experts all over the United States. He has provided his expertise in Geneva, Switzerland to the World Health Organization to guild their International violence prevention template and to the United Nations to assist in drafting the International “SaferCity” blueprint.   

Aquil is the brainchild of celebrated “Maximum Force Enterprises” and the “The License to Operate Movement” (LTO); the largest regional affiliated network of specially trained–Violence Intervention, Community Renovation experts.

A nationally read syndicated columnist who’s column “Street Survival 101” was one of the most widely read columns in the nation at it’s height. He is a published author of the critically acclaimed book “Peace in the Hood” which has set the standard for hard core community based violence intervention.

Aquil has appeared in countless documentaries and short films pieces including “Bloods and Crips”, Gangland, Made In America, “License To Operate” documentary which he has a staring role and “Black Jacket” which focuses on the Professional Community Intervention Training Institute (PCITI) which he founded.

He has received awards and honors much too numerous to list including the exalted Doctorate of Letters in Humanitas from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology and the celebrated “California Peace Prize”. Dr. Basheer is also an adjunct professor for the international private Alliant University.

Some of the distinguished Leadership Team and Instructors of PCITI