Our “Award Winning” organization is at the zenith of providing a multitude of “practitioner based” services that tackle the numerous core issues that influence troubled individuals, families, communities and municipalities. The Professional Community Intervention Training Institute (PCITI) and its affiliates have concentrated on providing unparalleled, full-level direct services utilizing an array of diverse proficiency. PCITI’s all-inclusive collaborative approach brings cutting edge know-how, validated solutions, superior negotiation-deterrence strategies and vetted instructional blueprints to all of our training, assessments, consultations, and problem solving.  Our organization structures our services to assist various entities across the private, public and social sectors including violence prevention professionals, policymakers, law enforcement and emergency response units, universities, faith-based agencies, and social service organizations.

PCITI excels in elite individual development, holistic personal achievement, policy/grassroots advocacy and community mobilization-restoration. The organization has designed some of the most unsurpassed antiviolence templates, community enrichment models, corporate planning designs and simple personal attainment blueprints. We specialize in the implementation of holistic, community-based intervention models, multi-disciplinary collaborations, public safety policy and anti-violence legislation.

Services & trainings we provide are as follows:

Violence Prevention & Intervention

  • Comprehensive Beginning, Intermediate & Advanced


Gang Intercession Certification Training

  • Community Violence Reduction Preparation
  • School Safety & Safe Passage Instruction
  • Train The Trainer Education


Public Safety Community Collaboration

  • Law Enforcement-Community Renovation
  • Emergency Room & Hospital Securement
  • Violence Deterrence for Emergency Responders
  • Regional Partnership And Partnership Network


Community Education And Empowerment

  • Youth Specify Risk Impact Guidance
  • Safe Community Advocacy & Education
  • Tailored Technical Assistance


Public Policy, Advocacy & Research

  • Organizational Leadership
  • Personalized Consulting
  • Subject Matter Expertise
  • Problem Solving Assessments & Exploration


How PCITI International Can Assist

  • Critical Incidence Response/Violence-Retaliation Interruption
  • Trauma Informed Psychological Transformation
  • Certification Intervention & Outreach Practitioner Based Training
  • Local & Regional Community Assessments
  • Identification & Classification of Violence Risk Triggers & Red Flags
  • Implementation of the 4 Tiered Violence Prevention System
  • PCITI Prototype Replication
  • Employing the Two Prong Model
  • Alignment & Integration of the Public Safety System
  • Collaborative & Partnership Development
  • Emergency Room/Hospital Intervention Indoctrination


We are an institute with a clear vision and a passion for providing our clients with expertise, aptitude, and the competence to aid them in becoming advocates of change within their respective communities. One of our primary goals is to develop community based preemptive intervention & prevention strategies that work collectively to reduce unabridged violence, revitalize communities, and create healthy equitable environments. We implore demonstrated “Courses of Action” as reputable & distinctive methodologies, not as a series of speculative exercises or unsubstantiated speculation. PCITI instills a combination of proven, sustainable “best practices” through specialized critical evaluation, planning and implementation. We implore community empowerment through inclusion, professional advocacy and analysis-policy acuity efforts.

PCITI has been the “Standard Setting Source” for providing proper assistance and resolution to complex issues related to comprehensive tactical/strategic guidance, core operational refinement, community advocacy, practitioner based gang-hostility intervention/prevention, conflict negotiation and individual-family self-reliance. In addition to our across-the-board community violence prevention and intervention efforts, The Professional Community Intervention Training Institute delivers additional services and support on the development and implementation of the following areas due to the integral role the play in this field of work:

  • The Community-Based Gang Intervention Model
  • Communitywide Assessment, Asset Mapping and Evaluation
  • Multidisciplinary Communication and Collaboration
  • Public Safety and Juvenile Justice Policy and Legislation
  • Developing Common Universal Standard Operational Procedures and Protocols


Multi-Disciplinary Approach & Collaboration

One of the major factors to our continued success lies in the use of our practitioner focused "Multidisciplinary Collaborative Methodology." We use this approach to create a holistic system to developing and implementing calculated problem solving techniques for developing usable verified systems, templates and programs in contrast to imprudent emotional thinking. This is our method of choice, proactive response and beforehand thinking is implored to achieve the desired objectives.

We merged “the best of the best” authorities and subject matter specialists with decades of proven experience in this field of work and this technique assures our clients are provided with the most relevant and updated expertise available today! We provide exceptional innovative competence through “hands-on" preparation and "targeted instruction" to evaluate, manage, re-direct and when necessary facilitate in diffusing situations related to individual, community and corporate imbalance. Providing innovative unambiguous templates of direction, specific strategies and doable blueprints for improving the quality of life, creating violence free-vibrant healthy neighborhoods, improving public safety and generating positive community growth & development. Our organization continue to advise a number of federal, statewide and local policymakers and our programs have been replicated throughout municipalities and communities across the United States and worldwide.

Disciplines Utilizing Services

Serving And Directing Interdisciplinary Partnerships.
As mentioned earlier our clients include individuals and organizations far and wide who represent a true cross section of our diverse communities. We believe that it truly takes a collaboration of varied expertise to create the viable holistic solutions that are so necessary to accomplish the objective of violence reduction and community recovery. To serve this and, our organization has professionally trained, certified and works in association with individual practitioners, administrative decision makers, supervisors and department heads from a variety of disciplines.

P.C.I.T.I. participants have come from the fields of:

  • Education outreach
  • Crisis Response
  • Community Intervention 
  • Emergency response 
  • Social service
  • Mental health
  • Leadership
  • Emergency Response (Fire & Police)
  • Probation and parole
  • University
  • Research 
  • Hospital Management
  • Victim services
  • Criminal justice
  • Private industry


and numerous other disciplines too numerous to list.


Re-entry, re-education and re-adjustment assistance after detention





Evaluation determining risk factors and triggers within a geographical area





Understanding the culture of street violence and developing strategic buffers





Proactive instruction & tailored for fire personnel in severe crisis management related to violence





Monthly food giveaways for families and communities in need





Developing the understanding of Intervention and community engagement